The Rejected Little Wolf

The Rejected Little Wolf




Two life-changing events occurred on Leila's 16th birthday - her mother was killed by a rogue to protect her, and she didn't shift, indicating she didn't have a wolf. As a beta's daughter, she was rejected by her mate, who was to be the future alpha. Leila was heartbroken. On the moonlit night of her 18th birthday, she left her dependent sister and chose to run away alone. She just wanted to break free from her past life and find her own freedom. But tonight, something unexpected happened - she completed her first shift and discovered her second mate. Will her second chance mate accept her? What will happen when she discovers why the rogues are after her?
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Leila's Pov.

Blue has always been my favourite colour. I don't know why, maybe it's because my mom's eyes are blue and I love the sea? Today is my sixteenth birthday, my mom held a big party for this day. Every werewolf is expected to get his/ her wolf on their sixteenth birthday. I was coerced to wear a gown for this day, at least it is blue and so exquisite. I am currently seated on a bench outside the pack's hall where the party is taking place. The excitement to meet my wolf is making me restless. I know for sure that my wolf will be big in size since I am a beta's daughter.

I was caught up in my thought that I didn't notice people had already gathered outside to witness my first shift. I had always watched people get their wolves since I was young and I was so delighted that I was going to experience it today.

"Sweetheart, maybe you should stand up for this. We don't want you to shift when you are seated on a bench, right?" mom asked, averting my attention.

"Yes mom, I think you are right," I answered joyfully.

"Then maybe go to the centre and wait for midnight to arrive. It is merely five minutes," my sister, Elana, said.

"I love both of you so much," I said before walking away.

"We love you too," Elana shouted, making me chuckle.

She may be older than I am but she still behaves like a kid. She is the light of the house, our sunshine.

I looked at the moon which was just above us. I stared at it as I wondered what the moon goddess had installed for me. I believed that if I scrutinised the moon, I would shift faster and undergo less pain.

Why isn't she shifting?

Is already past twelve.

This has never happened before.

She is just a disgrace to our pack.

Those words were enough to preclude my attention from the moon to the crowd which had formed all around me. Most had disapproving looks, others disgusted and shocked.

What is going on? I asked internally because everyone had been happy a few minutes ago but now… I get to be able to pinpoint what is wrong and why they are talking in such a manner.

I looked at my mom and sister and found that their eyes were on me but they had a pained and apologetic look.

What are they apologising for?

"Mom," I called out when reality hit me.

Tears started forming in my eyes, making me see everything as a blur.

I didn't shift.

I had no wolf.

How is this even possible?

Looking around, I comprehended that things were going to change with a few people. I couldn't put up with the pain and the humiliation anymore, I let out a loud cry and fell to the ground.

"Rogues," someone shouted.

"Leila," Mom shouted as they ran towards me.

"I need to get both of you to safety," she said as she dragged me along with her.

"Why? I just want to die," I told her.

"You can't die right now. You have a lot ahead of you," she said, making me shake my head in disapproval.

"How will I be able to live amongst everyone after this?" I asked while crying.

"Don't worry, the moon goddess will surely give you the strength and courage to do so," she said.

"but…" I tried talking but mom interrupted me.

"Listen to me. I need you to get out of here right now. Promise me that you will hide yourself. These people shouldn't get hold of you," she said.

"What do you mean?" I asked worriedly and at this time, I had stopped crying.

"They are here for you. I need you to follow Elana right now," she said.

"Promise me, baby," she said with a cracking voice.

I really hate seeing her in this kind of situation.

"I am not going to leave you," I shouted as I dragged her along with me.

We ran to the nearby cabin which we could see. Elana has already gone, I just hope she is fine. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on our side.

"Where do you think both of you are going," we heard a loud voice saying just behind us.

Afraid to even look behind, we continued running for our rescue.

"Look at them, trying to run so that they can hide themselves," another voice said, mockingly.

"Let them run a little bit. We will surely get hold of the girl and kill the mother."

What they said made me shiver in fear. I wondered what I did wrong to deserve this. I wish they could just kill me instead of mom. How can I leave without her in my life? Suddenly, someone separated mom and me.

"Mom," I cried out loud when I saw her fighting the two wolves.

"Run sweetheart. I am trying to get some time for you so that you can get out of here as soon as possible," she shouted.

"How can I leave you alone?" I asked as I started sobbing. I had already fallen on the ground watching my mom fight with the two men. I kept praying that some miracle would happen and let the men leave even without hurting anyone.

Why did my birthday have to turn into my worst nightmare?

Why did they have to attack this day only?

Why didn't I have a wolf?

Maybe if I had a wolf, I would have helped mom.

I heard a loud growl which made the fight halt for a while.

"The alpha is here," one of the men said.

"We need to get out of here as soon as possible," the other responded to his acquaintance.

I let out a loud sigh when I realised that they were leaving in a few. I felt a sharp pain in my chest and I looked at the scene in front of me.

"Mom," I cried out.

They had stabbed her chest before escaping.

"Mom please wake up, you can't leave Elana and me," I said while sobbing.

"I love both of you so much. Always stay together as each other's keeper," those were the last words I heard her say through the mind link before our connection was cut.

"Nooooo," Both Elana and I screamed.


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