Alpha's Last Minute Bride

Alpha's Last Minute Bride




Evangeline was blackmailed to marry a ruthless Alpha in replacement of her sister. Anything she hated in her life was the werewolves. She had seen her father leaving her mother for another she-wolf. Why? Because her mother was a human and so is she!! Well, this was what everyone thought, including her. Though her father loved her a lot despite her being a human, she never forgave him for the things which he did to her mother and stayed away from the pack and werewolves community. Little did she know that she had to marry an Alpha just because her sister ran away from her wedding at the last moment. Daniel Grint was the ruthless, heartless, and fearless Alpha. He never believed in mate or mate bond because of the circumstances he faced in his life. But he had to marry a stupid alpha daughter to strengthen his pack. He hated that idea from the beginning but he agreed for the sake of his pack.
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Evangeline’s POV


“Hello”, I picked the call, still yawning. I checked the time and the clock had just hit 11 AM in the morning.

Who dared to spoil my beauty sleep on Sunday. I just hope he or she has some valid reason for doing so.

“Eva!! Come to the packhouse as soon as possible. I have sent one of our drivers to pick you up from your address.”, My stepmother's voice boomed from the other side of the phone. I abruptly jumped from the bed hearing her tensed voice.

“Is Mr. William alright?”, I asked, thinking about the worst-case scenario because she had called me for the first time in my entire life. I know I was angry with my father for leaving my mother for another she-wolf but that didn’t mean I didn’t care about him. I stopped

‘Yeah! You read it right! I don’t acknowledge my father as ‘DAD’ but by his last name. I stopped calling him ‘DAD’ from the day my mother died.’

“He is but not for long. So, better hurry up!”, with those words the call ended from the other side. I quickly started packing a few of my clothes and ran toward the washroom to freshen up.

‘Moon Goddess! Please keep him and everyone safe.’, I prayed silently.


After two hours

Coming back to the pack where I was born after 17 years was really a nice feeling.

Pack…the word sounds so foreign to me especially when there was no one there who liked a weak human. But I stopped feeling sad a long ago because I learned to be satisfied with my life. I’m a Martial Art trainer and I am no longer dependent on Mr. William.

Coming back to reality I took a look around, I could see that not many things had changed in these years. Still, I could see disgust and hatred in a few people’s eyes. I enter Mr. William’s house, a place where I have some of my memories with my mother. My relationship with Mr. William, his mate, and their daughter is far from good.

My stepmother and half-sister hate me from the bottom of their heart and Mr. Williams calls me once a week to know about my well-being. It's a different thing that I disconnect his call whenever my phone rings to hint him that I am still alive.

The closer I was walking toward the hall, the louder I could hear the voice of a Man.

I wondered what could be the reason behind it?

“...Such big deceit! From the beginning, I can see that your stupid daughter was not happy with the idea of marrying me, but I thought that she is taking her time to adjust to the sudden change in her life. I and my family trusted you and look what result we got! Do you think my and my family's reputation is a joke to you? Do you have any idea that our reputation is going to be shattered after this incident? Everyone will laugh at me by saying that I went to get with an Alpha daughter but got married to a weak human instead.”, He roared.

“...Who also happens to be an alpha’s daughter.”, My step-mother said.

I gasped after acknowledging this piece of information.

Now, I realized why I was called on such short notice. I shook my head, thinking of all the ways to run away from here, that too ASAP.

“And she is already here.”, She added. Oh No! They might have sensed my presence. I tried to walk backward and felt my body getting hit by something hard.

‘When did the wall come to this place?’, I thought and looked behind me, only to find four guards standing there, folding their arms against their chest.

I gulped my saliva nervously, knowing that now I could only walk toward the living room.

The moment I stepped in, my eyes landed on a young man. No, not just handsome but deadly handsome. With his 6’ feet height, broad shoulders, well-muscled chest, flat stomach, and long legs he definitely has got a body to charm any girl and woman. His well-sculpted face, strong jawline, and sharp nose, and silky black hair were enough to make anyone drool over him but what struck me the most were his brown eyes which were getting changed every moment. He looked at me and his eyes showed surprise.

We would have continued with our staring session for god knows how long but we were distracted by Mr. William’s voice.

“Eva, this is Alpha Daniel Grint of Stone Moon Pack and Alpha Daniel, she is my elder daughter, Evangeline.”

I was now able to compose myself. He also came out of his thoughts. When he heard my introduction he looked shocked.

Well, that’s nothing new.

‘Everyone finds it shocking when they come to know that being an Alpha’s daughter, I am still a human.’

“Fine! I will marry her.”, He said, looking at me.



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