One Night With My Alpha Daddy

One Night With My Alpha Daddy

Author:Kellie Brown



In a frantic movement, he tries to move his hands towards me but he can’t because of the handcuffs. He groans and leans up to me. He wants to take control but he can’t. I laugh mischievously and kiss him now, putting my tongue in his mouth and he forcefully kisses me back, exploring my mouth. He becomes even harder and I moan from the intensity of him. He growls through gritted teeth and it sounds like a promise to torture me with pleasure. It sends tingles down my spine and between my legs. My hands caress his muscular arms, they run up to the handcuffs and he clenches his hands into fists like he is trying to control some strong force within him. I am excited to see him battling with his desire. I want to tease him even more. I laugh. "Seems like I'm in control after all." ****** I’m Ellie, an orphan. I fall in love with my daddy’s friend, Austin. He’s the Alpha King. He’s my adoptive father. And he’s twice my age. --- Ellie accidentally has a one-night stand with a stranger the day her adoptive father returns from war. Wow, this stranger is so hot and good in bed! He’s much better than her scary guardian, only the room is too dark to see his face. --- When bloodthirsty, ruthless Alpha Austin learns his little Ellie had a one-night stand with a man, he is furious. "Who is that guy?" "You have no right to know who he is!" "If I find out who that stupid male dog is, I'll make him regret doing this to you!" "He isn't a stupid male dog. He’s the best man I've ever met. He's sexy, he's strong and he makes me happy!" Until one day, Austin finds that stupid male dog is him…
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Ellie’s POV

"Don't come near me! Or I'll . . . I'll kill you!" Brave words like these erupt from my mouth but my body shudders in my disheveled clothes, and I raise my hands to the scissors and shout a warning at my cousin Alex. However, he grins sententiously and presses closer to me, not believing that I, who has always been submissive, would really dare to defy him.

"You are making this game interesting. Come on, dear sister . . ." Disagreement resurrects within me. If we are kids, it will be a game. But we are not. After I fell asleep, exhausted from my chores, Alex snuck into my room to fondle my bottom, and although he often leered at me, I never thought he would actually dare to do that.

I see the want in his eyes, but they are not lovely. His lids are almost shutting off, like the wings of a butterfly. He just wants to be satiated. Looks at me like a meal for his satisfaction. It makes me want to throw up and I clutch tighter on my little defensive weapon. So the moment he lunges at me, I close my eyes and thrust the scissors at him.

I feel contact and cannot help but open my eyes. I catch his eyeballs widen in surprise like ostrich eggs, no more in expectant pleasure, as I stab him in the shoulder, and when he takes a small step back with a frown, he ends up accidentally tripping over clutter on the floor and his body falls backwards. The back of his head hits the table and he suddenly stops moving.

My body begins to calm down. The scissors aren’t in my grip anymore. I take tentative steps forward, more afraid that Alex might just be faking his fall. He could be quite cunning at times. When I get to stand beside him, I see the knife lodged halfway; crimson color making a full moon around the puncture site.

I prod him with a leg until I am convinced he has really passed out. Then I am not calm again. My hands frantically attack my hair, I am uncomfortable and my heart beats like a mad drum. Fear invades me. What do I do? Since my parents died, I was adopted by my aunt and uncle, and after successfully getting my parents' inheritance, they showed their true faces, beating me at every turn and giving me all the chores.

I had become a waif to them and to Alex here, some tool he wished to use as a pleasure giver. Sometimes I was driven to the brink. Sort of taking the leap. Then I stopped being suicidal and planned to run away. And looking down at Alex, and his barbaric behavior, I think I might be forced to bring that plan to an earlier date.

I control my fear, bringing myself to my knees and begin to search his pockets. I come up with some money and blue boys. The idiot didn't even have a condom. I know he will not forgive me when he wakes up, or if he wakes up. And my aunt and uncle, they must have a way to catch me, so I must have a strong backer.

The next thought which convulses within my mind is where I would run to, but I quickly think of him, Austin, the Alpha King of the werewolf world. My father had been his loyal gamma warrior, and shortly after, my father was killed in the line of duty. Then my mother died of a sudden heart attack, and I always suspected that their deaths had something to do with the Alpha King.

I really didn't know why then and I sure as hell don't now. All I know is that I have to find a way to get King to keep me, sort of like an adoption without papers and signatures, even if he is rumored to be bloodthirsty and warlike. In any case I cannot stay here; in my uncle's house any longer. I have no better choice now.

I grab my savings and my backpack, whatever scrap I have been able to keep during my thralldom and I let myself out of the house without bothering to look back at Alex. I put on the hoodie and walk briskly towards the town.

I acquire a map of the suburbs from a store, look up the Alpha King's palace and cannot find it. It is not listed as a place. The gray area is represented by one name: Outskirts. That sounds like a boundary, I think.

"This should do," I tell myself, folding the map and tucking it into my bag. I walk out of the store and glance at the sky.


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