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When Tara was banished from her pack, she got into a world where she was claimed not to exist. With an Alpha for a mate, she thought she would be protected but he was the first one to refuse her. Now that the news of her existence has spread and Alphas are getting killed, they found that everything they know is a lie that started with a single curse. Before everything is lost, she and her mate both have to find the truth behind the massacre of her pack and a serial killer ready to paint all of the Alphas red.
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I whimpered when I felt the pack bond snap. It was like air was being pulled out of my lungs forcefully. I was running out of breath. I staggered back and fell out of balance landing on my butt as I saw five burly men take a few steps towards me.

"You have one minute to run out of my land before I let these warriors lose to catch you. And when they catch you, you're dead," my former Alpha said without any emotion.

I weakly pushed myself up not minding the burning pain from my right arm not to mention the recent loss of a pack bond.

"Run, rogue," one of the men says.

The world started to look a little hazy, but I focused on the idea that if I don't move now, I will never see tomorrow's light of day. I turned around and started running in the opposite direction of the men. The whole forest has never felt this foreign to me. The trees just pass by as a blur as I try to run as fast as I can to get out of my old pack's land.

I turned to look behind me when I heard a loud angry growl. Faster, faster, until I crossed the border!. But just as I was about to take another look behind, I plummeted down.

I was rolling down a rocky slope. I did not notice I was running towards the east side of the pack land where the border was the sudden drop of earth that was too low to be a cliff but high enough to break someone's neck.

I landed on a hard thud and immediately pulled myself to sit up thankful for my werewolf genes for the extra strength. I scanned the area and realized I am now in unclaimed land. This is where all rogues live. Rogues are werewolves that have no pack, either they left their pack on their own or were banished for a crime.

A gush of cold air passes by and I shiver not just from the wind but also from the thought that I am now a rogue.

I staggered to stand up and walked in no particular direction. I don't know how long I have been walking but my feet were killing me, and I was starting to see black dots. I leaned on the nearest tree as I heard a growl from behind me. I turned back and saw a huge wolf ready to lunge at me. It's eyes were red, signaling that it had gone wild! I gulped and started running away from it. I shifted into my wolf half leap. My bones realigned and fur sprouted from my pores. I landed softly on my paws, but I never stopped running.

My eyes water when I feel a sting on my right hindleg. I dropped on the ground and saw the rogue took a small chunk of my flesh on its mouth. It has finally caught on me. If I was going to die this way, I would not die without a fight. I tried to lunge on the rogue aiming for a bite on its neck but it quickly deflected my attack. I jumped towards it again trying to aim a little better and my teeth plunged on its soft stomach. The rogue whimpered and fell. I took that opportunity to run again.

I knew I was running very slow because of the pain radiating from the huge wound on my leg. Blood was dripping from it and I was starting to feel lightheaded. I immediately stopped when I felt the sudden change in the air around me. I stiffened. I was on a pack's land.

My eyes widened seeing three muscular men walking towards me. Must be border patrols. I tried to stand up in a fighting position but my legs gave up on me.

"How dare you enter our land, rogue," one of the men growled at me.

I only whimpered and dropped my head on the ground completely. I was going to die here. I was so sure of it.

"Shift now!"

I don't know if I can even move one muscle from all the bruises and wounds I have collected throughout the run from my pack's land through the rogue area up to here.

"I think it's wounded, Beta," another man said.

"I don't give a shit if that rogue is dying. If it doesn't shift in the next ten seconds, I will murder it myself," the first one replied.

Just my luck, I am facing a Beta, one of the highest positions in a pack. I doubt I will ever survive under his eyes. I willed myself to shift back into my human form. A strangled gasp leaves my lips as I feel immense pain from shifting. The pain from my wound even doubled as I am weaker in this form.

I remain lying on the ground on my stomach as if to hide most of my body as I am completely naked.

"It's a girl, Beta," the same person who noticed I was wounded said.

The Beta only replied with a growl. I can feel them eyeing me even though I was not looking at them. I felt someone approach me and my right arm was gripped tightly lifting me off the ground.

"Why are you here?"

I stared back at an angry face. He must be the Beta as I felt a strong aura from him. I opened my mouth to answer him but no sound came out. I saw his eyebrows strain in confusion.

He released my arm with a hard shove sending me back to the ground. The last thing I remembered before my head hit a hard object was the angry growl from the Beta.

DARKNESS was the first thing that greeted me the moment I got my consciousness back. I lay naked on the hard and cold floor. I gather all the strength I have left to lift myself up in a sitting position.

I knew I was in a cell. The stale smell and humid air weren't just an indication of that. Bars block my exit. But if this was a dungeon of some sort, why do I not feel any other living being? It was like I was the only one locked up here.

The only light that slashed through the darkness must be a single lightbulb from the left of the hallway. However faint it was, it was the only thing bringing me hope that I was still on Earth not yet dead.

I moved backwards to the wall when I heard footsteps walking towards my cell. The Beta stood just before the bars looking down at me. I hug myself as if to save modesty.

"The Alpha wants to meet you, rogue. If you misbehave in front of him, it's death you face," the Beta said stiffly.

I didn't answer and merely looked at his boots. They were dusty and worn out.


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