Chasing the rejected Luna

Chasing the rejected Luna

Author:Yero Iganiga



In the world of an Omega whose parents had been killed by something she could not remember, she was a subject of constant abuse and pain. Her only redemption was her fated mate whom she had always fantasized about. But the day comes to get her wolf and mate. Something tragic happens. She was discovered to be the abomination of the Werewolves - a wolfless girl. But the worse, she was rejected by her Alpha's son. A person she had secretly had a crush on for years. She witnesses pain and betrayal and lost hope in people around her until he came; the Alpha of Blackwell pack. He was smitten with her and desired her to be his chosen Luna. Will the broken wolfless omega chose the Alpha of Blackwell pack who has shown her genuine kindness and love? Or will she accept her mate who wants her back after seeing she is desired by someone else?
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Sophia's POV

I hated morning duties more than anything in the world. The dishes were usually so many and most of the omegas in the pack woke up late, leaving everything for me to handle.

Not like I usually complain. But I had slept so late at night because I was hyperactive about getting my wolf today, which was my eighteenth birthday. To my disappointment, when the time struck twelve, I couldn't feel my wolf. Up till now, she hasn't come.

Sadness threatened to overcome me. But I was an optimistic person. After everything I had been through in the pack, a lot of people expected me to give up or run away but that wasn't happening.

I won't give them the satisfaction of seeing me crumble. They have seen me crumble once. But never again. I take all their beatings and bullying without a sound of grief.

I was used to it already or so I thought. A thick wall had been built where I stored all my emotions. Now, I look like a robot without any form of emotion.

In my thoughts, a smell wafted into my nose. It was the most intoxicating smell I had ever come across. I stopped and tried to get where the smell was coming from. Following my nose, I found out it was coming from the Alpha's son's room.

Did he get a new cologne? My feet moved on their accord and I soon found myself at his door. I wanted more. My mouth watered from the smell. I couldn't get enough of it even when I knew I was crossing into enemy territory by placing my hands on the doorknob.

Just a whiff and I would be out of there. I entered his room and the smell was stronger on his bed. Looking at the door to be sure no one would walk in on me being a creep, I walked to the bed and inhaled all of it.

But no matter how I tried, I wanted more. I wanted to soak myself in the scent. Like the wind had picked up in his room, the smell was stronger. I followed my nose and my eyes came in contact with him standing by the door - the Alpha's son.

"Mate," he growled, his eyes turning dark. My World seemed to have stopped by his words. Did I hear correctly? That explains why his room smelt so great. But that wasn't right. I don't have a wolf yet. Why have I found my mate and it was the Alpha's son?

"The moon Goddess must be playing a sick joke on me," he scoffed and I watched as his eyes flicked from his beautiful baby blue to black which meant he was in a fight with his wolf. He entered the room.

"This is great news. Right?" I asked him as I stood transfixed on the spot, my lips trembling from too much emotion; fear, excitement, uncertainty and hope.

"Great news? You think I'll accept someone as useless as you? You are nothing. And being my mate doesn't change that. Now leave," he said and my heart began to break. I could feel the mate bond pulling me to him.

"Why are you sending me away? Just because I was wrongly accused doesn't make me useless." I whispered and my tears began to leak from my eyes. I couldn't stop them. The pain of seeing my mate sending me away like I meant nothing made my heart hurt in ways I could not explain.

"Why? You dare ask me why? It's because you fucking killed him," He snarled, the veins in his head prominent.

"I'll say this again even if no one believes me. I didn't kill him. Why won't anyone ever believe me?"

"You really want to know why? It's because you are a bloody liar. Yes, that's what you are. This pack doesn't need a weak, lying Luna like you. I would be damned to take you as my Luna. You are better off dead," he spat and clenched his fists.

My heart clenched from his words. I took a step to him and he took two back like I was some kind of plague. I didn't have a wolf so why did this hurt so much? Maybe he was right that I was better off dead.

"No. I'm not a liar. I'm telling the truth," I said more to myself but he heard it and sneered down at me.

"Delusional simp. You don't even have a wolf. A disgrace to all werewolves. I am rejecting you right away even if it hurts my wolf. He will come back to it. We can live without you."

"You'll be breaking the sacred bond between the moon Goddess and us. Do you want to offend the moon Goddess?" I shook my head as more tears fled my eyes from the heart wrenching pain but he smirked at me.


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