Alpha's Submissive Slave

Alpha's Submissive Slave

Author:Gabby Sobio



Orphaned and pitiful Thalia Storm is a tormented she-wolf with a life of tragedy but it gets worse when she is sold by her wicked step father to brutal, cursed Alpha Valen who uses her as a sex tool just to bear him an heir. She realizes she is the Alpha’s mate but is heart broken after he rejects her. Pregnant with Valen's child, Thalia runs away to find a better life but falls in the hands of her step-brother who offers her a new start if she marries him but soon it dawns on her that she has been a pawn in the hands of her step brother and step father who want to destroy the Alpha. Will Thalia be able to forge a new path for herself and her unborn child or is she doomed in tragedy for the rest of her life? What will happen when Alpha Valen realizes he actually has an heir? Read to find out.
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Thalia's POV….

“Father, I’m sorry for whatever I may have done. Please don’t sell me off to the wicked Alpha King, please.” I begged with tears in my eyes.

“Who do you call Father. I’ll never be a Father to such helpless rat like you. Can’t you see my beautiful Serena? Doesn’t she look so beautiful? I’m proud to be called her father. She’s a strong beta, she’s courageous, she’s smart unlike you, a useless weak omega. It’s obvious you don’t have my blood in your veins. I can never be your father.” My stepfather spat with so much hatred.

“If mother was here ….” I tried to convince him further and make him feel pity for me.

“If mother was her, what would have happened? Would you Shut up your dirty mouth and do not mention your mother’s name her again? You want to guilt trip me, isn’t it? If your mother was here, she would have seen reasons why you should be sold off. Don’t think she’ll be on your side.”

“What did I ever do to deserve so much hatred?” I asked.

“Oh really? You have the guts to ask me that now. When your miserable, weak father didn’t consider his three years old child but went ahead to kill himself in some stupid savior act. Who took your mother in as mate? I did. I never wanted to take you but the woman wouldn’t go without her child. Where does that leave me? Forced with a baby to raise that I never wanted to.” He explained further, spitting more hatred in his voice.

“You forced my mother to be your mate.” I said, damning the consequences.

“I helped your mother, you mean. I should have let you both die miserably.” He continued.

“But she died afterall even after you took her in.”

“And you’ll die next if you don’t shut up and stop saying rubbish.” He warned.

I couldn’t say another word, I was left broken and in so much tears. The pain was too much for me to bear. Why was life so unfair? I laid on the floor as I thought.

“Carry your malnourished looking self away from my presence and go do something with your life, like serve the Alpha Kinga and be his breeder until he is done with you like I am.” He pushed me away and I stretched my hand for Serena, my sister to pull me up, she just looked into my eyes, smirked and spat in them.

Thorne Fenrir, my stepfather has poisoned Serena against me with his evil powers. I raised Serena after my mother died but seeing that Serena is his biological daughter and I’m not, he didn’t want us to bond so he made sure she hated me just as he did

“Ser…” I tried to call her name but she eyed me such that I didn’t have the guts to even mention her name.

I gathered the little strength I could to crawl to my corner. I couldn’t sleep all night. I kept crying, wishing I was dead or I wasn’t even born. It wasn’t my fault that my father died when I was a child, it wasn’t my fault that my mother died few years after. Why didn’t I just die too? These sufferings have been unbearable. How do I manage to still be alive. I cried throughout the night with the thought that I would be handed over to the wicked , cold-hearted Alpha Valen the next morning.

Just as I dozed off a little, I began to here some sounds. It was dawn, meaning they had come for me. My heart began to pound really fast, uncontrollably that I felt I would pass out.

“The King demands that your daughter comes with us now. Where is she?”

“You are welcome.” I could here Serena say with so much excitement.

“I’ll get her at once,” my stepfather responded.

The door opened and he pulled me up.

“Quickly put yourself together, Thalia. If Alpha Valen rejects you, then consider yourself dead.” He warned.

I entered my closet and wore something better, then washed my face and oiled my hair in a hurry.

“Come , Come. Let’s not keep them waiting.” My stepfather called out.

I stepped out and the Alpha's guards gestured for me to walk in front of them while they followed behind.

“This is for you,” One of them said as he handed a bag to my stepfather. I believe those were some precious stones.

“Thank you so much.” He grinned. He couldn’t hidden his excitement.

We walked until I was far away from home. I kept turning back to see how far we had gone until I didn’t know where I was anymore.

Thorne is the Alpha’s uncle and he wished to be the Alpha after his brother but that was not possible because the Alpha had a son and Thorne has always been jealous of the royal family. It is surprising that he would want to give me to Alpha Valen except of course he has a plan.

“You need to hurry,” they kept saying to me as we walked.

“Why are you so slow?”

“Don’t act like a weakling in from of the king or you’ll piss him off.”

All these words were sinking my heart so deep, making me realize the mess I was in already.

“That Alpha King is going to kill me in less than 24 hours. Why did he even agree to take me?” I thought as we walked.

And soon, we got to his palace. A few council members were standing outside as we returned.

“She’s here” one of them whispered to the other.

“she’s not so bad” one said.

“She looks so thin, but she’s beautiful anyways” said another.


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