The Wicked Deeds

The Wicked Deeds




The Powerful Alpha Julian Cesario is a ruthless Alpha King that enjoys his bachelor hood. He believes that women are to be sampled and discarded like fine wine. A woman should not control a man, especially when he is in charge. Until he meets her---a she wolf full of so much spirit and courage that she pulls him back from the brink. A Dangerous Beauty Stubborn and head strong, Scarlett Ross does not take orders from anyone, Alpha or not. She is fierce and she marches to the beat of her own drum. She strongly believes women and men are equals. Until she's claimed by him---a Powerful Alpha with soul less eyes, whose touch sets her blood on fire. Will the two put their pride and ego aside and to win the heart of one another? Read and find out.
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~~~Julian Cesario's Pov

I was in London conducting pack business with my Uncle Thorn. We were at his home, Eltham Palace, which was a large house in Eltham, within the Royal Borough of Greenwich, South East London, England. I wanted to go home so desperately. I'd been in Eltham for the past two weeks now forming alliances with other pack leaders from different territories, from any unwanted threat that could cause any damage to our own pack in the near future.

I was relieved when Uncle Thorn brought an end to our meeting. Everyone was getting out of there seats ready to leave. I got up last making my way to the door.

"Julian, a minute please." I hissed a curse under my breath. I stopped abruptly, turning around looking at him. My face hadn't been shaven in weeks since my time in London. I was tired and downright exhausted from all the meet and greet from these pack leaders. But what are you going to do when you're father dies while going to war? Run away? No. Cry? Naah, way too easy. You take over and deal with being an Alpha for your pack and make sure that every pack member is safe under your protection. My mother died while giving birth to me. She was a brazilian dancer, from a middle class background and my father was American. They met when he came to conduct business for his pack and saw her at the market where they clicked instantly and fell madly in love. My father said she was his beautiful dançarino - meaning dancer, that she could always put a smile on his face or make his day whenever she danced.

He never found his mate. But my mother was just his mate and he was okay with that.

I approached him. He was still seated in his chair with the same haggard expression that was on my face was now reflected on his. Truth be told my uncle has always been that father figure in my life since my father died. "Yes." I stated coolly.

"Sit down Nephew. I want to discuss something with you." He said his face cold and hard. I took a seat in the chair I had occupied before. Staring at my uncle as he gathered his thoughts. He cleared his throat before he began to speak.

"Nephew you know you're like the son I never had and I want the best for you at all times. You're a great leader Jules but with your Luna by your side, you'll be invincible. Something I think your father wanted before he died." I looked at him not giving away anything. My features set hard and grim. "You have nothing to say nephew?" My uncle asked looking at me intently.

"Come on, Thorn. I don't want to discuss this right now. Gosh!" I said in a exasperated tone. My hand now resting on my jaw.

"I swear Jules, just find your mate and give me some nieces and some nephews. I need them to annoy the crap out of me every now and then, probably even break some furniture while they're at it." He said while rubbing his chin.

"Uncle I don't want a mate. I've been doing fine without a mate till now. It's been centuries for crying out loud!" I said getting agitated at the stupid thought.

"Calm down nephew. I just want you to be happy. With a female who can put you in your place. Maybe when you meet her she'll be able to tame you." He said while looking at into my soul less eyes. I laugh throwing my head back at his preposterous comment.

"Are you serious right now? A woman, this so called "mate" of mine is going to do what? Tame me? You seem to forget that am an Alpha. I dictate and people damn well listen. No female is going to tame me or even dictate anything to me, especially this mate!" I spat. The word sounding foreign on my tongue.

"You will yield Julian, mate or not you will yield." He said a stern look taking over his features.

"Never Uncle Thorn, mate or not will I ever yield." I said giving him a death glare before leaving the room. I made my way outside, across the court yard and towards my motorcycle. I started the motorcycle, bringing the beast to life. I put on my helmet as I sped down the road heading into the cold night.

Yield to a female? This so called mate of mine at that! How fucking ludicrous!

My hands gripped the handle bars even more tightly, my knuckles turning white. I rode hard, everything passing me in a swift blur. I approach a pub on Holly Grove Street called Chronicles. Chazz, my beta, was waiting in the pub. I parked my motorcycle in a free slot for motorcycles only. I took off my helmet and placed it on the handle of the bike. I ran my hand through my dark brown hair as I approach the door to Chronicles. I enter the pub scanning the room for Chazz and located him at the bar drinking a glass of whiskey on the rocks.


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