The Wolf Princess Takes A Mate

The Wolf Princess Takes A Mate

Author:KM Ramos



For the past 115 lives, she is a human in a world called Earth. She had become a doctor, a lawyer, a bum, a criminal, and everything in between. Living different lives and embarking on different adventures the world can offer her. However, after her 50th lifetime and her mysterious reincarnation continued, she slowly started to get exhausted from living on Earth. Until, for the first time in 115 lifetimes, she died so suddenly and got a surprise on her 116th life. She became a Werewolf Princess. Not only that she suddenly became a being that is considered to be a myth on Earth, but she also reincarnated in a different world entirely called Calenroth. As she grew up, she was raring to go and explore the new world until something happened that made her stay in her pack to entertain three males from three other packs in a marriage interview of sorts for her hand in marriage. She doesn't want to but seeing three good-looking men ready to woo her made her reconsider. However, getting to know them only made her want to back out of the deal. But she will endure for her family and her pack. Will she be able to get over the presence of the Prissy Prince, the Foulmouthed Duke, and the Silent Knight, all clearly were forced to woo her, in her everyday life? Or will she ditch them and pursue a life of adventure not knowing that they, in turn, for some reason, will actually pursue her for real? Well, who says a Wolf Princess can't get a life of adventure and take a mate at the same time? IF the boys manage to get on her good side, that is.
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"Captain, there is an enemy pirate ship on the starboard bow! What shall we do?"

Amidst the fierce winds, the dark clouds which occasionally spit out lightning rods from the heavens, and the billowing ocean waves that sprinkle salty water all over their faces only to be washed away by the pure, fresh water rain, Captain Arabella stood her ground, tall and proud.

The scene looming before her was dark and gloomy. Literally and figuratively.

She and her crew are stuck between a nasty storm brewing from behind them and an incoming enemy pirate ship from the starboard bow.

Anyone with eyes can see that trying to win this battle will be like fighting a losing a fight.

However, what they do not know was that Captain Arabella is using a different set of eyes that can see through all sides of a situation.

And yes, it just simply means that she is someone who sees things from a different perspective on the get-go compared to what others usually see at first glance.

"Hmm..." she hums after a moment of silence and gives her crew a knowing look before smiling. "Nothing."

The man stiffens in place for a moment, looking apprehensive and wanting to protest. However, she just narrows her eyes at him, silently daring him to do it.

However, a beat later, he nods and runs toward his crewmates. Probably relaying what she told him.

While her crew starts to panic at her statement and are already muttering their prayers for a quick and painless death, from either the enemy or the storm, Captain Arabella is thinking of something else entirely.

With a wry smile forming on her lips, she calmly and boldly stepped towards the mast and did a little climb.

Years and years of owning the ship and manning it had given her all the experience she needs where she can safely climb up the mast with ease despite the slippery state its in thanks to the rain.

As soon as she managed to get up on the lower sails, she stood there, her balance impeccably impressive even through the wobbling the ship is making. Looking out, she watches the dark waves that roughly hits both ships, hers and the enemy's alike.

Squinting, she ignored the desperate cries of her crew from below.

Lifting a hand to cover her eyes from the incoming rain, she was about to squint again only to stop and her eyes widened with recognition and glee upon seeing her target.

And she knew that the Captain of the enemy ship saw her too. No doubt spying on her through his spyglass ever since she started to shimmy up the mast.

"Well, spy on this, asshole," she grins smugly, reaching a hand out and lifting a middle finger in his direction.

Even though she is far away and she can't see her enemy's reaction, she knew that she was successful in provoking that bastard. Especially when she noticed that the enemy ship starts to speed towards their way.

Laughing gaily, she smoothly slides down from the mast and disappears in between and into the frantic milling of her crew.

Their ship didn't try to turn and run away nor did they try their luck by braving the ravaging storm to escape.


Instead, Captain Arabella's ship and crew received their enemy with what seemed like open arms. And when the enemy crew had tied up each and every one of Captain Arabella's crew, they never saw a hair nor shadow of her.

The enemy crew and enemy Captain hauled Captain Arabella's crew to their own ship and as soon as the enemy crew returned to make a thorough search on Captain Arabella's ship to find her, a sudden explosion was heard inside it.

More specifically, something exploded from the bottom of the ship.

From the shadows of the enemy ship, Captain Arabella's first mate suddenly leaps out and starts slashing the ropes from their crew. The moment her crew was free, they quickly removed and undid the ropes that connect the enemy ship to Captain Arabella's ship.

The enemy pirates tried to get back to their ship but someone stepped in and blocked their way, holding a sword in one hand and a gun in the other.

"Hello, boys. Ready to dance with the devil?" she gives them a devilish grin.

Not waiting for her enemy to regain their bearings, she lets out a gleeful war cry before she threw herself into a sea of armed enemies.


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