Alpha Rick

Alpha Rick

Author:Mari Villarreal



"Omega's are supposed to stay quiet. Omega's are supposed to obey. Omega's are supposed to do EVERYTHING I fucking say!" I lived each day in fear for my life. I was the pack's slave, tortured, beaten, and treated worse than scum. To my pack- I was a nobody, especially to our alpha-to-be, Alpha Jaxon. But when he finds I am his mate, he takes it upon himself to reject me, and make my life hell. After all, how can a strong alpha be mated to the pack’s scum, right? One destined night, a visiting pack and a ruthless alpha who no one dares defy may just be my savior. But will he accept me as his mate? A worthless omega from a weaker pack? Or will I be rejected again and become an enslaved she-wolf for the rest of my life?
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The pain. It's too much.

I had been beaten all day, spat on, and kicked; my hair has been pulled, and I have lost count of how many times they have pushed me to the floor. Someone thought it would be funny to dump their hot coffee on me and throw their leftover hash brown in my face because they said their coffee wasn't strong enough, and the hash brown tasted old.

My body ached, and I could feel the sting on my scalp as alpha Noah dragged me by my hair toward the kitchen.

Someone had just spilled a gallon of milk on the floor. The floor I had just cleaned not even five minutes ago. I needed to stay quiet. If I made even the slightest sound, I knew what was coming.

I gripped my hair, hoping it would ease the pain as he dragged me along. He flung me across the kitchen, making my body crash against the counter. My body ached as it hit the counter doors, and I could hear the cracking of another broken rib, making me wince from the pain.

I whimpered; my tears ran down unwillingly. "Clean this shit up—you lazy mutt. Do you have any idea how important tomorrow is for all of us? I told you this place needed to stay clean, don't test me. Got it? And start making dinner." Alpha Noah sneered, kicking me on my ribs and making me cry in pain.

I can't recall the last time I ever felt happy. It's been hell for me ever since I could remember. Ever since my mom and brother were killed in front of my eyes. Then again, maybe I deserve all this.

When I was seven, my mom, my brother, and I went out for a stroll. We had such a fun time, but we lost track of time, and we didn't notice that we had walked too close to the borders. By the time we realized it, we were surrounded by rogues. Mom sacrificed herself, waving at my brother and me and ordering us to run for it. That was the last time I saw her alive.

I could still hear her struggle. The way she tried to fight them off, but they outnumbered her. She never stood a chance.

Before my brother and I could get away, they took my brother and slashed him across his chest before my eyes. I still remember the sound of his pleading voice telling me to run as his body gave out. His thin body fell as if in slow motion before me, and I could see nothing but evil smirks plastered in those rogue's eyes.

When dad finally got there with our alpha and the other guards, a rogue had already attacked me, leaving me unconscious. My brother’s body was missing, my mom was dead, and I had a nasty scar across my right jaw and neck to forever remind me of that day.

My dad wept for their death for so long, isolating himself from me. But that wasn't all. He gave in to moonshine, which is more potent alcohol made of wolfsbane and much more lethal than the alcohol humans are used to. Equally dangerous to werewolves because it's addictive. Until one day when I turned fourteen and he left me as well.

Everyone blamed me for their death, and they were right, it was all my fault.

My name is Olivia Watson. I am part of the Silver Moon pack. I'm turning eighteen tomorrow. I could be celebrating, right? But instead, I'm here cleaning past hours. Like I do every day since the day dad died and I became the lowest-ranked in our pack. Even the other omegas look down on me.

Our alpha is not someone to be reckoned with. He's tough, and very... But I mean very temperamental. I can't say his son, Skylar, is any different. The apple didn't fall far from the tree in their case. They both hate me with passion and are not afraid to show it.

Skylar is the epitome of evil meets greed.

He's a narcissistic bipolar who loves to mess with the heads of every girl in our pack. The golden boy who everyone obeys whether they like it or not, for if not... They will suffer the consequences of his goons, Vincent and Cole, his soon-to-be Beta and Gamma.

Skylar turned eighteen about eight months ago, and he's been eager to become alpha this upcoming weekend when our alpha will pass down his title to him through the alpha ceremony.

To make it worse, Skylar has been picking on me the most these past few months. I mean, he has always treated me badly, but it's gotten worse since he turned eighteen. I don't really know what his deal is, I guess authority is making his ego grow.

I do know one thing though, I have to stay away from him, no matter what... Or I will be punished, not only by him but by his girlfriend Leah. She is even worse than him.


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