Rebirth Of The Alpha Luna Queen

Rebirth Of The Alpha Luna Queen




Ever since she faced her own death, Eden Rae has been a heartbroken shadow of the werewolf leader she once was. Maybe this is why she rebirths again and again, searching for revenge. Her soul can't find peace until all those who scold her, torn her and in the end killed her, will be punished. Nothing will stop her from making pay those who stole her future, her heritage, her life. Nothing...but why with every new rebirth everything seems more intense? And why every time she comes back the bond mate she neglected comes around stronger and stronger. The Moon Goddess sent her back to make justice, isn't she? Or is something else?
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Eden's POV

"Eden! Don't be stupid! You think dressing up like a bitch will make me accept you as my MATE?!" A cold voice entered my mind.

Immediately afterwards I felt a basin of water poured over me and a coolness enveloped me, but I still couldn't open my eyes. I was so alienated by it all, I shouldn't have felt anything because I was dead.

Dead in my mating ritual, which was caused by my husband in conjunction with his MATE.

As confused as I was, I could hear that it wasn't my asshole husband's voice.

The voice was so clear, it wasn't like in a dream. Did I come back to life? No? Impossible, there has never been a case like this in the history of werewolves.

Then who was he?

Suddenly some painful and unbearable memories entered my mind....


"Look at them!" Mark laughs as he grabs my chin and forces me to watch my parents' heads hanging on the walls of our packhouse.

I am the daughter of Patrick and Isabelle Rae, former alpha of Silver Moon Pack and now I am kneeling in front of my boyfriend and my bestfriend. Just a moment ago, they killed my parents.

"That was so easy" Hannah says coming closer to Mark, and I feel sick seeing that she is placing her arms around his waist.

"Look, Markey" she says kissing his earlobe "She is shocked" she laughs in my nose. "Should we tell her how stupid she was or let her continue being stupid?"

Yeah, how stupid! To have trusted these demons by mistake!

"We have been together since we were fifteen," Mark tells me. "Hannah is my fated mate, but she, being a beta and I being just an omega, I couldn't offer her the life she deserves" he said as if that was normal.

"But you can, my dear friend. You were born with so much?! By what right!" Hannah said with wide eyes. I never knew she was so jealous of me.

"But it doesn't matter, she has nothing now, does she? Honey." Markey put his arm around her to comfort her and continued to say

"What a pity that you are the only DAUGHTER of Alpha Rae, you can't inherit Silver Moon Pack. Only your mate can... "So that's what it was all about from the beginning, to take over the pack. And the whole image is now in front of my mind. All his beautiful words…He fooled me, he and Hannah played me.

I am on my knees with a sword at my neck and I can't jump at him and kill him, but the rage I feel in my chest is growing and growing more and more with every single word he utters.

"Why don't you say anything? Do you want to know more? " Marks mocks me, and he signals to Damian, Hannah's brother, to come closer.

"Tell her!" Mark commands him as if he already is the Alpha of Silver Moon Pack.

"Tell her how we fooled her!" And he caresses the top of my head, but only for a second, because in the next one he pushes me, making me fall to the ground.

"You can't blame us for that, you know? It's all thanks to your own stupidity " Damian says. "Hannah would be a better Luna than you are! She would never lose her independence for the sake of a man. Just look at you, Eden!" he laughs. "You are a disgrace! It is your fault that your parents died! Their blood is on your hands!"

I close my eyes because I can't let him see the pain he gives me. This is the last of my dignity.

"Open your eyes, Eden!" Mark commands me. "I am your Alpha now and you should submit to me!"

I open my eyes and I stare at him with hater. I loved him. But it seems that all my love for him just evaporated as if it never was.

"I, Alpha Mark Sanders, I reject you Eden Rae as my chosen mate. "He says and gives me a devilish smirk, as he expects for me to beg him not to do it, but I just stare into his eyes. His rejection means nothing for me. It doesn't hurt, showing me one more time that nothing was authentic, that he was working behind my back all this time. Our mate bond was just one one-way sense.

"Don't look at me like that!" he commands me, but I continue to stare at him.

"I said , stop looking at me!" he yells.

"Why, Mark?" I can't help and ask him, but in the next second Hannah slaps me and says " Stop annoying my mate, you fucking whore!" and turning her head to Mark she tells him.

"Kill her, Mark Kill her or she will try something. I know her way too well and she will kill us once she has the chance. "

"She is too weak to do it" Mark tells Hannah, but I contradict him.

"I may be weak. I may be stupid in your eyes but I am something that you two will never be" I growl at them and with a sudden move I get on my feet and elongating my claws I hit Hannah hard enough to make her fall to the ground.

"I am a real alpha!" I tell them and stand in front of them without blinking." And you are just impostors and thieves!"

"Kill her Markey!" Hannah cries as she get back on her feet and takes the sword from her brother's hands and places it on Mark's hand.

"Kill her and let's start our new life together!"Mark did not even hesitate to take the sword. After my arm was grabbed by Hannah's brother, the current Beta, Mark stabbed the sword directly towards my heart.

The heavy smell of blood flooded into my nose, and I feel that everything in front of me was becoming blurred. In the moment I was about to fall, I seem to see the disapproving eyes of the Moon Goddess.

Why? I could see the Moon Goddess? I thought that after I chose to betray the MATE she gave me, she must have been happy to see this result.

"Eden, you still have a chance." The Moon Goddess' voice rang out. I never knew what the Moon Goddess' voice was; I just guessed her meaning by judging how she spoke.

No werewolf in the history has ever said this exactly, whether or not the Moon Goddess herself has an entity.

Wait, what did she mean by I still have a chance?

I wanted to ask a follow-up question, but I saw Hannah stomp my hand under her foot, ravaging it hard, her face wearing a smug as her twisted features grew blurry.

I hate her so much! Because of my stupidity, I got my father and mother killed. If I really had the chance to do it all over again, I would rip the intestines out of Mark and Hannah, these two bastards! I must make them pay for killing my parents!

***Flashback End***


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