Rejecting My Nerdy Mate

Rejecting My Nerdy Mate

Author:Addison Winters



"Find out what?" he asks. "That I'm getting married to a woman I don't want to marry?" I fight the ache in my heart at his question. I knew he didn't want to marry me. He wasn't the one in love. I was. And he didn't know how much I loved him. I've hidden it well. "She's right there." His mother snaps. "Have some respect for your future wife and the future daughter-in-law of this family." Atticus takes a step toward his mother; his eyes flash with anger as he says, "The only woman I will marry is Anya. No one else. She is rejected from my side." Atticus Fawn is petrified when he finds out he has to marry the best friend of his mate. He tries to escape the wedding but eventually realizes that it is useless to do so. He knows that he can never love another woman like he loves Anya. And not Autumn Rivera. He's, however, unprepared for her gentleness and her caring nature. Before he knows it, she's forcing her way into his life, and if he's not careful—his heart.
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Autumn P.O.V.

A few weeks ago

Birthday party

"Hey Autumn, there you are?" Hey, you ready for your party" I heard my mother speak behind me. I giggled and turned around, seeing a big smile on her kind and lovely face.

"Hey, Mom, Yes, I am ready." But first, I want to thank you and Daddy for my birthday party." I told her with a hug and a smile on my face.

I appreciate it. I do appreciate both. They are excellent parents a girl could ask for.

Oh, I forgot! She spoke. I saw her pull out something her bag had on her.

When I saw it, I gasped when I saw a ruby red diamond ring and white stones surrounding it in a glass box. It was beautiful.

"I have been waiting for this a long time," I heard her say, knowing she was giving it to me.

Just Like her mother did her and her mother did, she handed it down the line from generation to generation.

I opened my hand out, and she dropped it in my hand. I grabbed it with my other hand and set it on my right hand. I knew later on my left hand would be my mate's ring.

Oh, thank you, Mom, I love it." I told her and hugged her again.

Now, this will tell you when your mate is near." So, don't be nervous, and your beautiful, sweetie." She told me.

"Oh, my baby girl is growing up." She said, frowning with tears falling down her face, but she was happy for me.

"Oh, Mom," I told her, smiling with happy tears.

She nodded her head and walked out the door. I turn my head back around. I gasped when I saw myself in the mirror. I could not believe this shy, quiet, backward girl no one knew this staring before her was breathtakingly beautiful with a smile.

I took the last step on the stairs and walked around the corner. I heard music and people chatting.

But when I saw the door.

Once, I walked into a room.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw everyone dancing and having fun.

I saw my mother, and I saw her smiling over at Dad. I sighed with happiness for them. I can't wait to have that with my mate.

When I was thinking about my mate, that's when I smelled it. Him.

I can smell my mate. And he is near. But something was off when I saw him with someone else. That's when I saw him, and he was staring right at me. So I jumped when he walked over to me, grabbed me, and dragged me outside the pack.


My wolf was howling and rolling around and wagging her tail with excitement when we found our mate! She had a woof grin on a long, happy face.

Ahh, I thought to myself. I am so excited for her and me.


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