High School Werewolf

High School Werewolf

Author:Mol Des



Once upon a time humans and shape-shifters coexisted until Lord Mayor a shape-shifter became obsessed with power and supremacy. He wanted to be called god and never to compete with any human. He was a shifter that commanded thunder and lightning, and a shifter that disobeyed the moon goddess. He had an agenda to wipe out humanity and replace earth with shape-shifters but before he would do that he must first attain immortality. Dr. Greenfield Rogan discovered an alpha virus of immortality which could mutate any human into an immortal shape-shifter. Lord Mayor demanded for the virus but Greenfield refused him the virus, just to save humanity from his bogey plans. Lord Mayor murdered Dr. Greenfield and his wife, forgetting his son, Greg, a high school student who eloped with the virus. Greg found himself shape-shifting into his favorite wolf which he had sketched on his drawing book, and he would have to save humanity from the gruesome hands of Lord Mayor or die trying. Meanwhile Greg has a mate, Sasha, whom he loves so much, and on her eighteenth birthday she made a revelation that would spark up enmity between them What would be the decision of Greg now he knows that Lord Mayor is Sasha’s father and it is he that murdered his parents? Would their Cinderella-love conquer all or would Greg’s vengeance say otherwise? Let’s flip the pages. It is going to be a bumpy ride!
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Deep-throated moan could be heard across Lord Pack.

The fragile fingers of an ectomorph, hour-glass, short-haired, tall, and Caucasian lady clenched on the bedspread and dragged.

Heavily, the bed creaked under their weight as Lord Mayor couldn’t stop pounding into her wet vagina.

His heavy, hostile face thickened with lust and hot libido. He was heavily bearded, with tattoos decking his body. His dark eyes could make one pee effortlessly, and his shiny, greasily-pressed ponytail hair that was supposed to make him cute did otherwise. He was the only ruthless alpha that ruled over the Lord Pack.

The naked Luna groaned, bit her lower lips and then opened her small mouth in pains. “Aye! Oh! Oh! Ah! Fuck! Shit!” she winced.

His eyes bored into hers. He was riding her again, and this time the itches in her pussy were greater than their previous rounds. She wished he had made her wet before penetrating her. The pain was excruciating but the lady couldn’t help to do otherwise. She was his captive and sex slave.

After so long a pound, she raised her slender legs, and parted even wider, to give room for his dick to fit in the more.


Lord Mayor let his first moan, pressed on her shoulders and grinned heavily before squeezing her pink nipples.

Already her moaning had increased more than usual and it was in connection with the speed at which Lord was pounding into her now.

His orgasm was coming through.

The slap-slap sound of his dick slamming against her pussy mixed with her moan.

He clenched his teeth, frowned intensely and shook repeatedly on her as the string of guitar.

Feebly his face fell on her sweating shoulders, burnt her neck with his warm breath, before standing up from her nakedness, and stroked his dick gently and gratefully. He flashed a flirty look at the handful of naked busty slaves that were bound and abandoned at the corner, and he gave a firm nod; very soon his dick would get busy with one of them.

The lady’s weakened; sweating face frowned, breathed uneasily before casting her gaze to the wall, with her naked round buttocks flashing at her oppressor.

One of his alphas paced in, “My Lord, you sent for me,” the alpha bowed.

“Has Dr. Greenfield signed to our terms and conditions?” he asked.

“My Lord, I have bad news…”

He interposed, “What bad news do you have. Speak!”

“Doctor Greenfield said you should go to hell. He is not going to release any virus to you.”

“What!” Lord Mayor snapped. “He said that to me?”

The alpha gave a nod. “Yes, my Lord.”

Lord shook his head furiously, “I can see. He has got nerves. He wants to stop me from being god. Return with the rest of the alphas, capture all the humans, anyone that questions your audacity kill the fellow, capture the ladies alive. They will be my sex slave. I can’t wait to wipe off humanity!”

“And so shall it be, my Lord!” the alpha morphed into an all-black wolf and dashed out.

When Lord Mayor turned around, lo and behold the lady he just slept with was having handy a jack knife and charging at him.

“I am going to kill you, Lord or whatsoever you are called. Do you think you can be god? If you dare come close, I am going to put an end to your guts!” she threatened and surged backward.

“You fucking human. You dare threaten me.” Lord groaned.

Quickly the wolf in him howled and he mutated into an all-grey, chiseled-canine, sharp-clawed, red-eyed wolf. He let loosed, pounced on the lady and munched into her neck and belly.

For a moment her shout couldn’t be heard any more.

Only but the sound of the dentition of Lord’s wolf cracking her bones could be heard.


Once my alarm clock blared, I sat up, and woke from sleep. I yawned and stretched only to realize I was late for school.

My gaze came upon my favorite wolf sketch on the wall. It was an all-brown fur wolf, with chisel, knife-like dentition, and offensive, dare-devil claws. His buccal cavity yawned at me.

I winked at it, before hasting into the bathroom.

If you ask George High school about the only weakling they have they all would point at me.


I am Greg, the only weakling and best artist at George High School who was only good at sketching scary, colorful were wolves on a piece of paper.

My parents regretted registering me in the science class. My father, Doctor Greenfield often nagged whenever he drove me to school.


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