The Alpha King's Tenth Mistress

The Alpha King's Tenth Mistress




Valine is odd in every way of being an average werewolf but her oddness causes her to flee from her pack in order to save herself. A lady intervened to save her, only to drag her into yet another pit from which she is now unable to escape since she had to defend someone until her due was paid. She was determined to do her final task to finally be free, and she knew it in every fiber of her being. However, her world fell apart the instant she lay eyes on the strongest man in the werewolf community—a pureblood lycanthrope—causing her legs to flee to safety. Dimitri—the Alpha King, the name itself was enough to bring fear to anyone. He was the highest and strongest person in the Werewolf community—the leader of all alphas. He was a living beast and also known for keeping mistresses. Weak werewolves are what he despises the most and finding that his mate was one, leads him to give his destined mate a title of a mistress instead of a Luna. ... She was weak. He was strong. She is strong-willed to escape. He is adamant to keep her. She wanted to be loved. He doesn't believe in love. Everyone wanted her, Everyone fears him. She belongs to him but he doesn't belong to her.
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Had Valine known this auction filled with testosterone and women itching to get laid tonight, well the majority of them would make her apprehensive, she should've drunk the alcohol Madam Petunia offered. In any case, maybe she would've still declined the proposition if this restlessness feeling chose to crawl on her a moment back.


She felt the space on her left bounce a little. She didn't bother turning to her left, knowing it was Sofia—the woman from the same place she came from and had been working all her life. They both have the same goal, to pay what they owe.

She was perched on a class-A couch which she figured this tavern would not be able to afford at first because of the fact that the establishment was located in the middle of the woods. It was her first time setting foot in this place. But it was not her first time disguising herself as a worker in a club. She did almost the jobs anybody could envision in a bar—dancer, waiter, bartender to accomplish the orders given to her. Except for the bouncer. Her petite body would not pass that job.

"Better believe it," she said, tapping her gold heels on the floor.

"Really? That's new"

She glanced at her friend. Sofia was a beautiful woman with golden skin and hair cascading up to her waist, complementing her cornflower blue eyes. Despite her sweet voice, her lips as red as blood would make anyone have a second thought about her personality.

"I don't know, but it's my first time feeling jittery."

"Maybe because you are assigned to the Alpha King?" The serious tone was apparent in Sofia's delicate voice.

Valine rested on the backrest, letting her silence speak for itself, shutting her eyes to stay away from the splendid light coming from the designed light bulb on the ceiling right under her position.

Right. The person that she would need to serve for one month was none other than the Alpha King, who would grace the tavern in some hours from that time. That, assuming he picks her. The memory of her frantically shaking her head at the order was still fresh in her mind. She didn't like this one bit.

The Alpha King, the name itself, was enough to bring fear to anyone. He was the highest and strongest person in the Werewolf community—the leader of all alphas. News circulates that the man only shifted one time in a battle which was ages ago, which means he won battles by only relying on his human form. He was a living beast. He was a Lycan, the same as the Loup Grapou Pack or some called the royal pack he was handling.

However, despite her persistence in declining, Mistress Rose turned her down and the lady took out the main pawn that could make her nod at all the woman's desires. That she-devil said this is her last work and she can finally be free from her debt.

"The Alpha King will choose you, I am sure of it. You are the prettiest here. And after one month, you will finally be free to live with humans just like you dreamed", Sofia said confidently.

"If not? Well, another year" Valine mumbled, frustrated.

It was one rule of Mistress Rose, that assuming they fail to get the individual they are appointed, they need to work for one more year with her. And she swore it was not fun working for her. As she nodded her head at this work, she acknowledged the higher possibility of being dead and gone to the ground or, more awful, being scorched alive. Lycan was not immortal but they surely have the ability to live a hundred years thanks to the natural strength lycanthropes possessed. Compared to normal werewolves, Lycans were different and far superior.

In spite of knowing the peril, she still agreed in the end. She has zero desire to remain somewhat longer with Mistress Rose. It was still the same at any rate, the individual she was working for was heartless, so hence the Alpha King. Suppose, with Alpha King, it will be less intolerable as she simply has to serve him for one month and note a few habits to report to Mistress Rose for whatever purpose the lady has that she would rather not think. Essentially on the grounds that she doesn't mind even a little.

"Going once, going twice, sold!" the chirpy announcer said, echoing in the large dressing room, catching everyone's attention.

"Briana now belongs to the Alpha Alexander of Bloodvenom Pack for 500,000 dollars!" he added.

Valine saw the women that would be auctioned along with her gathered around as the current batch was being bid like an object. Their voluptuous bodies are reflected in the mirrors of 18 makeup areas. The lights around the inside perimeter of the mirrors give a soft, glowing radiant on the fair skin of the ladies emphasizing the beauty they hold.

All of them here are all werewolves, there are some vampires but there are no humans. Humans will not be able to handle these creatures.

"Wow, that bitch did manage to get a hundred thousand dollars."


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