The Alpha's Rejection

The Alpha's Rejection




Alpha James Tyler Carter who is known to be cold-hearted, ruthless and arrogant is feared by all. Rumors say he is totally cruel and leaves no enemy behind. His reputation does him no justice in the social department as he was rejected 3 times by his mates. A secret he intends to keep to himself. Convinced he doesn’t need love he takes it upon himself to reject his forth chance mate to preserve his pride. “I Alpha James Tyler Carter of blackmist pack reject you Zoe Chloe Anderson of white mist pack as my mate and Luna.” “But why…” “I don’t need a mate. I’m fine on my own! I don’t want some she-wolf up in my business!” He roared arrogantly. “I Zoe Chloe Anderson of whitemist pack reject your rejection, humph” she scoffed. Zoe is an arrogant, egotistic and selfish Alpha’s daughter who doesn’t take no for an answer. What happens when she meets the most ruthless Alpha in the world and he rejects her as his mate? They say opposites attract but similarities bind. Will these two look past all their shortcomings and accept each other? Or will their pride lead them to separate ways?
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Five years ago.....


"I Alicia Elena Jones of Red mist pack, reject you James Tyler Carter of Black mist pack as my mate."

''I Celine Isabel Porter, reject you James Tyler Carter as my mate.''

"I reject you...."

"I reject you...."

The voices kept echoing repeatedly in my head and in as much as I tried, I just couldn't get rid of them. I was in an endless dark void and no matter how fast I ran, there was no destination, the place was empty with no sign of life and only the loud booming of voices surrounded me. They rang in my head as if mocking me, I felt trapped and hopeless. Gripping my head in my hands, I roared in frustration.

After much struggling, I suddenly jolted awake, panting slightly, my heart was pounding heavily in my chest and my body was covered in cold sweat. Getting up cautiously, I looked around to ascertain my location and I sighed in relief when I realized I was back in my room and not in an abyss. Rubbing my eyes that were still hazy from sleep, I tried to replay the nightmare I just had in my head. It felt so vivid and was similar to the dreams that have been haunting me ever since I turned eighteen. 

Memories from the past came rushing back to me like strong sea waves. Memories that I had buried deep down within my soul. Locked away safely in the past where they belonged. I shook my head, pushing back the ugly memories that threatened to ruin my morning.

I did not want to ponder on why I would have such a dream today when my pack, the black mist pack was hosting the mating ball. My father still being the Alpha even though I had recently turned twenty four, arranged the ball so that I could find my mate, because I could not take over the Alpha position without a Luna by my side. 

But how was I supposed to tell the big man I had already found my mate, no, mates to be precise and they both rejected me because of my reputation of being the most ruthless, cruel and cold hearted Alpha male? This was a dark spot in my life, a taint that I wanted to hide forever. It was a huge blow to my ego, I mean, look at me, there's no denying my handsome looks.

I'm hot, sexy and I have a great body build. Ok yeah, I'm huge, too huge and taller than most Alphas out there. My intimidating stance and gruff deep voice earned me my awesome reputation that chased away my mates or any chances of getting laid by some beauties. They are all scared of me, judging me before knowing the real me, but of course there are a few bold ones who would take a risk just to have the Luna title or my family's wealth. 

To be honest, I don't think I had ever been cruel or ruthless to anyone. 'Remember when you punished some boys for raping a young she-wolf? You castrated them and hang their balls on sticks in front of the pack house as a warning for those who went against the rules. Isn't that one of the things that earned your ruthless reputation?' My wolf Tyler countered and I scoffed. He had been with me ever since I turned sixteen and shifted for the first time. We had created a strong bond and hardly disagreed with each other. 

'Well, you know they deserved it Tyler, if serving justice would result in being called names then I would gladly embrace it.' 

I groaned as I got up from the huge king-sized bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. The only thing my father was holding onto was the Alpha title, he had already left the running of the pack and businesses to me so I did most of the work. My best friend Lewis, my future beta helped me with minor issues. He was currently on a trip to inspect our timber business in the human town. 

After dressing up in a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up my arms and blue jeans, I admired myself in the mirror as I ran a hand through my undercut hair and smirked cockily. I was fucking Perfect. 


Knock. Knock. Knock. I was sitting in my office going through some papers when a knock on the door interrupted me. 


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