Sold To Her Forbidden Alpha

Sold To Her Forbidden Alpha

Author:Ataima king



“Just because you hate me doesn’t mean your body doesn’t want me” he said, He lifted her leg and leaned closer to her, his fingers touched her lips and trailed down to her neck, he could hear her heart beating fast and he knew he had that effect on her. “Your body wants me and there is no denying that” he stated the obvious, “So don’t you ever think that I can’t have you when I want because I can and I would” he boldly said and then turned his back towards her. *** “I own you now Bella and you can never escape me” he whispered to her ears hovering over her and pinning her body to his with his arms around her waist. Her scent was driving him crazy making his imagination grow wild. *** Bella, a joyful and beautiful girl who lived happily with her parents and her little brother as the only family related to the Alpha of the Crescent moon pack was met with the gruesome death of her family by another Alpha who attacked their pack. This shattered and broke her making her weak and lonely, she thought she had seen the end of the world until she found out that she was sold as a bride by her uncle to the same Alpha who killed her family. Will she accept such cruel fate and bend to her Alpha's will or would she avenge her family?
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The Sun was slightly going down giving a presence to the moon hoping to perk up in the Sky. The Crescent moon pack was as quiet as it could ever be ruled by a strong and considerate Alpha, Alpha Nathan. 

He made the pack to be as peaceful as ever ruling it with a fine touch, he was ruthless and cocky at the same time but he never neglected his pack.

A beautiful house close to the woods with a tiny garden and a small porch lived the brother of the Alpha with his family, he had a beautiful and cheerful daughter with a young and agile son.

“Bella come down for dinner?” His wife Whitney called and Bella came running down with her little brother Olive.

“Careful kids” Isaiah their father said.

“Dad, after eating can we play in the woods just for a little while?” Olive requested of his father shining his perfectly white teeth at him. The seven year old boy knew his father could never resist his smile and he was right.

“Okay but don’t stay out too long?” He reprimanded even the woods was safe because it was still within the Crescent moon pack.

Olive grinned happily, he always liked the beautiful moments when Bella would tell him a story while the moon raised up in the sky.

He hastily finished his dinner and grabbed his seventeen year old sister by the hand out of the house.

“Slow down” Bella said but he wasn’t having it as he ran through the woods to their usual spot. 

Bella placed a blanket on the ground and they sat on it with his tiny head resting on her arm.

“Bella, do you think I can ever be Alpha” he asked his knowledgeable sister for the confirmation of words his father told him.

“You can be anything you want to be, I believe in you” she answered him carefully.

“I don’t want to be an Alpha, it has a lot of responsibilities and Dad told me that Uncle Nathan doesn’t have a son so the Alpha title will fall on me. Even Uncle Nathan said so himself” Olive explained the fruitful events that lead to his question.

“Don’t you want to be the greatest Alpha this pack has ever seen, Strong, Kind and powerful” She asked.

“I am strong” he answered hastily.

“You are not strong enough because you don’t want to be the Alpha” She stated and he frowned.

“Will being the Alpha make me strong?” He questioned looking up to the already dark skies as he clasped his fingers with his sister’s.

“No title can make you strong, only you can do that with the will of your heart and mind” she touched his chest and he laughed gesturing it was ticklish.

“Do you know why there are no stars today?” She turned to her naive little brother who in turn looked back at her and shaked his head.

“Its because..”

“Ahhhhh” Bella heard a scream and was interrupted.

“Mom” Olive didn’t bother waiting for her because he knew it was their mother’s voice he ran with speed towards the house.

“Olive wait up” she stood up to chase after him but she dashed her feet on a stone falling down.

Looking up, she found out that Olive was gone, she quickly stood running back home. Just a little further from home she saw two bodies on the floor and knew it was her mother and Father, Olive was being held by a wolf who slashed his neck with his claws and ripped his body apart.

“Noooooo” she screamed running towards the wolf but it threw her to a tree where she got unconscious for a minute, when she opened her eyes, she found a young man in a royal attire standing in front of the bodies, his hair was long to his waist and a perfect build, he looked down on the bodies and then at her giving her a chance to see his face properly before he left.

Bella got up and ran towards her dead family, 

“Mom, Dad, Olive” she cried kneeling down close to them, her whole family was murdered and that did not go well with her.

She let out a bellowed scream in the air expressing her pain and sorrow, the only family she had had been taken away from her, all she could remember was the face of the man who killed them and she vowed to exact her revenge for her family.

Bella was taken to the pack house where she was being comforted by Luna Diana and her cousin Hava, she had been told that the pack was under attack and she had seen other houses and family in ruins on her way to the castle.

“Don’t cry Bella, I am here for you” Hava said hugging her tightly, the tears coming out of Bella eyes wet her cloth and she could also feel her pain. Isaiah was her uncle and so was Bella’s family her family. She didn’t know the extent of which Bella was hurt but she also fell grief for her.

“Bella, your uncle Nathan needs to see you” Diana said standing by the door of Hava’s room, she has watched Bella cry for a while and was sorry for her.

“I will go with you” Hava said ready to join her when her mother stopped her.


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