Wanted By The Alpha King

Wanted By The Alpha King




To the world out there, he was known as the popular CEO To the Werewolf world, he was known as the Most Powerful Alpha of all time. His name is Zane, and he was the fearless leader of the Most Powerful Werewolf pack. Well, he made them powerful. Having a very bad childhood experience, Zane grew up to be danger itself. He grew up to be a devil in human form, and almost to be death itself. No one messes with him. Even when he's wrong, no member of his pack can stand to correct him as they'd diligently follow in his mistake. He had a strong passion for hurting people - especially women. He enjoyed making them suffer and watching them cry. That has been the life of Zane - the broken Alpha. A war was coming - a heavy one - and Zane needed to have an heir already. The she-werewolves could never give birth. So, Zane needed someone outside his pack - someone that could get pregnant for him. He heard of a particular place where young ladies were captured and kept as slaves and sold out when it's time. And due to the urgency of the situation, he had to go there and search for one - a lady who'd be meant only for his bed. Of course, such lady is bound to be unlucky falling into the hands of someone like Zane.
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"Ahhh!! Please...!

"Please...!" The lady cried painfully as Zane rode into her from behind.

She was on her hands and knees and bent like a dog and she found it unbelievable that Zane has been drilling her tiredlessly for over an hour.

"Stop it! I beg you, please..!" She cried continuously.

Her flesh was beginning to burn.

Zane growled and yanked her hair, pulling it hard and she gave out another frightful shriek.


Yes - exactly what he wanted. He needed the screams - the ugly screams.

He moved his hand to her neck and gripped it tight, choking her and the lady found herself almost passing out.

His thrusts didn't stop for one second as he was very good at multi-tasking.

He gripped her neck tight until her eye balls were begining to go deeper and that was when he let her go.

She coughed miserably when he finally let go of her neck, but more pains kept seering through her body as he drilled her from behind .

"Please...!" She whimpered, her voice wavering already.

Suddenly, the door went open and disrupted the moment. Zane looked and discovered it was Axel and immediately, he pulled out of the girl.

"Hah!" She gasped in relief when the big rod slided out of her hurting Honeypot.

Good Selena! She couldn't believe she'd almost died.

Zane left the bed and reached for his trouser pant, putting it on.

"Get out, Shirley" his voice was rasp and sharp and Shirley managed to leave the bed.

We picked her clothes from the floor, covered herself with them and leapt out of the room.

"You should've knocked before coming in, Axel. You know I hate it when my privacy is invaded" Zane stated spitefully as he poured himself a drink.

They were the only ones left in the room.

"You were gonna kill her" Axel said, taking some steps forward.

"And that should've been none of your business" Zane fired back, shooting him a glare.

He lifted his glass of cold tequeilo and gulped it down. Well, he just needed to calm himself.

Axel was the only thing closest to a friend that he had, and if it had been someone else invading his privacy in that manner, the moon goddess knows such person's head would be rolling on the floor already.

"Two members of the pack are missing. Are you aware of that?" Axel asked.

This time around, he had gotten very close to him.

"Of course, I do. And I'm working on it already" Zane replied.

Even when he wasn't angry, he couldn't stop himself from sounding rude and grumpy all the time.

"This is Asher at work. He's dead serious about this, Zane!"

"Yeah, I know. And I'm planning a little surprise for him. Worry less" Zane looked at him and said with a smirk on his lips.

Axel was curious and wanted to ask what surprise it was, but hell! He just let it slide.

"By the way, I came here for a different purpose today" he began with his hands crossed behind his back.

Zane watched quietly.

"The clock is ticking, Zane. You need an heir"

Zane almost scoffed, but on a second thought, he did needed an heir.

"Well yeah, I know. I mean, every alpha needs an heir. But what do you suggest I do? You know the she-wolves around here can't give birth due to the curse..." he replied.

"I know. And that's the reason we'd be going to a different place to get a bride"

Zane's interest was pricked by this. A bride.

"Yes. Someone you can mate with to give you an heir" Axel confirmed.

Zane turned around and drank more from his glass.

Personally, he wouldn't want to keep a woman so close to him, but since it involved the future of his pack, he had to. Besides, he'd love so much to have her caged under him and make her suffer - at least for the first few weeks before she finally gets Pregnant.

"And where can I find this....bride?" he spread his arms apart and asked sarcastically.

"Well, I know of a place - a place where ladies are kept for sale.its called the Babylon hall and we could go there and buy one for ourself" Axel replied and Zane smirked.

"I'll be leaving for Canada by tomorrow noon. So, we need to leave for the hall first thing in the morning" he added and Zane just gave a shrug.


The Babylon Hall


She sat quietly on the floor, her hands and legs huddled up like someone catching a cold.

The room was empty and quiet - just like she wanted.

Shortly, the door opened and the middle aged woman showed up.

"And what're you doing here?" She snapped, her right hand holding the door.

The lady lifted her head slowly to look at her. Her long dark hair were almost covering her eyes.

"The others are in the lunch room. So, why the hell are you here?" The woman asked again.

"I'm not hungry" the lady replied - her voice sounding timid.

"That isn't an option, Kaylan. So, get your sick ass out of there and go to the lunch room. Don't let me find you here again" the woman spoke hoarsely and left.

The young lady, having no choice, stood up and left the room as well.


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