The Alpha Billionaire's Secret Son

The Alpha Billionaire's Secret Son

Author:De young



Her name is Luna, but will she become his true LUNA? ******** She was given out to him in form of marriage, while she was treated as a slave in the alpha Lucas house. Although she had no knowledge of what had happened, until when she wanted to hurt Alpha Lucas a little by taking important documents from his room in his absence, she saw the documents containing the agreement that her father had signed with Alpha Lucas. There she knew that she was being exchanged for a loan. Before that, she have falling in love with Handsomeness and wealth, where she would love to spend the rest of her life with a handsome and wealthy man like Alpha Lucas without knowing that all glitter is not gold. Alpha Lucas troubled her life until he threw her out of the house in a pool of blood and as he said, " It is over between us." He passed the fake marriage certificate to her and told her it was all fake, marriage, she is sold to him. "I don't love you." He repeated. Luna rushed to grab him by his clothes; he pushed her down, she had to rolled down the stairs, which caused her more injuring, he also demanded she leave his house immediately. Then, she found herself was pregnant. Luna, after be save by Mille, who fall in love with her, he has to drag her with Alpha Lucas after Lucas have realized that Luna had born him a son, who he so much love, he then thought of making Luna his wife and LUNA, this time around for real. Luna was then left with the choice of either accepting Alpha Lucas the father to her son, or accept Mille who have save her life. She find it so difficult in making her choice.
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Luna didn't know she was exchanged for a loan to Alpha Lucas by her late father; she got to know about it while passing through pain and how she was treated badly by Alpha Lucas, in his house, after having a fake marriage with her.

Before that, she had thought to have had everything she wanted from him, only to see that it wasn't working for her, even though she loved him.

"I can't believe I was sold to that beast, called Alpha Lucas, thinking I was married to a wonderful, a handsome billionaire husband, who would cherish me the way I wanted, and make me feel like a woman." Luna speaks with Mrs. Sharlene, she had be serving Alpha Lucas right from when he was still a child.

She also had a son, called Evan, with her later husband, Alexander, Evan also serving in Alpha Lucas house, as part of his security. Alpha Lucas, be a young billionaire, with the largest oil and gas company in Serangroon.

Meanwhile, he have long time make love with Luna; he did it once, by taking her without her being in the mood. He met with her in her room, he was already feeling so honeyed, and with his dick standing erect, he tapped at her while she was still sleeping.

"Wake up, you bitch. It is time to perform your duty as my wife." He said to her, drawing closer to her, as she pleaded with him to wait till the next day, but he refused and dragged her leg to himself.

He quickly pulled off her dress, Luna struggled not to be sex by him at that moment.

Offortunately to her, he was able to dominate her, he loosed his belt and brought out his dick, which he used to force himself into her, lefting up her two legs with his hands, with her pussy wide open.

After Luna had received a hard fuck from him, , he warns her not to relate what has happened to anyone, not even his mother; if she does, he will peel her alive.

Luna, cries on daily basis as the result of what he have done to her, she thought that would be the only day he take advantage of her, but to her amazement, he kept repeating such on her.

She might wish to end the marriage, which is a difficult task to her, because she loved him and was willing to be with him, regardless of how he have be treating her.

Nevertheless, getting married to a man like Alpha Lucas, handsome and a billionaire, had always be her dream.

However, their marriage was hold indoor, which she was still yet to understand why he chose to make it such, but she was carried away by her signature on the marriage certificate, that made her think, she is officially married to him, not knowing it was a fake marriage certificate.

And had signed be a slave, secretly.

Aside from Alpha Lucas best friends, , Eric and Raine, his mother, Laura, a woman of age 55, and his special domestic workers, being Mrs. Sharlene, Hailey, and Evan, no one knew that he had wedding with Luna..

It all started after Laura made him choose Luna as his wife; through having an agreement with Elgin, Luna father, signing off his daughter to Alpha Lucas, if he failed to pay back the Millions he have borrowed from him, he other to build his poultry, which got destroyed by an heavy storm..


Luckily for Alpha, as Laura had wanted it, Elgin wasn't able to fulfill his own part of paying back the loan; he then have to exchange Luna for the loan to Alpha Lucas as agreed, in form of Marriage.

Although she didn't know about the agreement, yet before the marriage could commence, she have already fallen in love with him because of his popularity and handsomeness.

After two years of their illegal marriage, Luna started living in pains and agony, in Alpha house. He had turned her to his slave, unknown to his mother.

And had continue to take advantage of Luna, he kept doing this constantly, until it got to Luna neck that she couldn't hold it anymore. She revealed it to Laura.

"You have been passing through this, and yet you his it from me. I won't believe you for now until I have heard from my son." She said, haven believed that Luna was accusing her son.

After a long period of trying to convince Laura's, Luna was disappointed and asked to leave Laura present. Alpha Lucas returned and was asked if such a thing had been a part of him towards his wife, Luna. He denied it, but while he kept remembering that she was not the woman he had wanted to be with, he spoke to his mother.

"What if she is right with her words? What will become of me? Besides, she is a slave to me; I don't see her as my wife." He spoke, wondering what his mother's reply would be. Since she wouldn't lay her hands on him or control his actions, Laura was shocked, she didn't believe it was her sin saying this.

"She is my sex toy and a slave; she deserves whatever I do to her." He addede and left the sitting room for Luna's room, leaving Laura with her hands folded, wondering how he responded to her.

She remembers Luna telling her that she was raped by him. "So he has turned into a beast." She said, sitting alone in the sitting room.

Little did she know she start hearing screaming from Luna's room, along with Hailey and Mrs. Sharlene rushing to know what had made Luna scream in such a way. Getting to Luna room, Alpha was already holding her neck, he had decided to snuggle her to death.


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